featuring touchstone lights Touchstone of Illinois and Missouri

Moon Lighting can create a wonderful affect for your backyard pateo, garden or outdoor kitchen. This slide show is a wonderful example of a backyard in Champaign, Illinois. There are features of the landscape that are highlighted with landscape lighting. This home also has a tree in just the right location for me to create a wonderful moon lit setting. With moon lighting the lights should be 20 feet or more up in the tree. They need to be above the branches in order to create a moon lit affect on the ground below. When I am able to do this, you end up with a soft suttle sitting area that is moonlit from which to sit and enjoy the night with a wonderful view of the highlighted landscape. In this slide show, the last two pictures are taken from the roof top in order to show the moon lit affect of the shadows on the ground below.

Pateo Lighting

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