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Mexican Hat Utah
Mexican Hat Utah

Low voltage landscape lighting at its finest.

Making outdoor lighting a fine art; your home, my pallette.

Springfield Home

Landscape lighting is my art form. I take great pride in designing the best low voltage outdoor lighting system that I can for your home. Your lighting system will be the best in design, quality of fixtures, installation, warranty and service. There are many aspects to an outdoor lighting system for your home that you should consider. Please spend some time looking through the pages of this website. All of the lighting jobs on this website are examples of work that I have designed and installed.

Here are a few outdoor lighting questions for you to think about but there are many more that I would be happy to discuss with you.

Do you see the glare from the light.....
or is it hidden?

Do the lights come on automatically with a photo cell.......
or is there a timer with a pin to push and pull as the days get longer or shorter?

Do you have to reset the clock when you lose power......
or do you have a digital timer that keeps the time?

Do your bulbs last at least a year......
or do some burn out too quickly?

I work for the most part in Tulsa, Ok. and Springfield, Illinois. I am in both places on a regular basis. In Springfield there are numerous jobs at Panther Creek Subdivision and also in The Reserve. Some of the wonderful older homes I have completed can be seen at or near Leland Grove in Springfield. I have also desinged and installed many lighting jobs in Champaign, IL. The majority of my work there has been at Brittany Trails with around 30 homes for you to inspect.

Please email me for a list of homes for you to inspect. I want you to see my work and compare for yourself to see if there is a difference between it and other outdoor lighting jobs in your neighborhood.

Other communties for you to see my work are: Decatur, and Quincy Illinois. In Missouri work in St Louis, Chesterfield, Webster Groves, Hannibal, and Louisiana.

If you live elsewhere I still welcome your inquiry on my work. I would be glad to help you with your home if possible. I have designed and installed lighting in Naples, Florida, and Mexican Hat Utah.

Bohart mansion
This wonderful home is the 2019
Tulsa Designer Showcase home.
March 2019

I recently completed one of my favorite jobs on Williams St.
in the park in Springfield, Illinois.

Itiliante on Williams
May 2010

You really have to see this job in order to appreciate fully how beautiful it is. The home is actually a new home, and to the right in the driveway is the most magnificent oak tree that you will ever see.

For me outdoor lighting is not just a job, I want your home to be my next work of art. I will study your home and landscape and enhance it the best way possible with light. For the finest in outdoor lighting give me a call for a free quote.


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Bart Boewe

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